The Designers section is for making meaning to Quattria's definition as a design editing company and for recognizing their work.

Although a cliché, without our cooperation, Quattria would not be complete. They bring a great deal of creativity and innovation in creating new products that help to improve the quality of our homes.


Gauzak is an interdisciplinary team of industrial and product design.

Gauzak (basque lang.) means THINGS. It is all that has entity whether physical or spiritual, natural or artificial, real or abstract.

Design is in everything around us. it is not an exclusive value of some objects and products. It is both a planning and foreshadowing process existing in any social, cultural and economic context.


Designer Products

Marc Camps Jorge

Elemento Diseño

Elemento diseño was born in early 2009 in Viña del Mar (Chile). It was born out of the concern of two designers (Jaime Zuñiga and Emmanuel Gonzalez) for innovation in furniture and Chilean design scene. They do this through the concept of dual functionality in products.

This concept seeks to create furniture that has movement in space and interaction with the user, trying to mix or merge two elements into one.

For them to have furniture with dual functionality even if it is subtle, gives added value to the user.


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Hiroshi Tsunoda

The futuristic designs of Giorgio Guiguiaro and the american culture became an inspiration for Hiroshi. This brought him to study in Chicago where he got to know about the prestigious Rhode Island School. There he discovered his talent, and where he was able to technically get to, furthermore he created his own style.

Tsunoda creates elegant lines and he is fascinated about working with organic and futuristic shapes and also experimenting with all kind of materials to explore new fields. His designs has been featured in exhibitions like Designers Block in London and twice at Il Salone di Milano.


Ricard Mollon

Ricard Mollon studied Industrial Design Engineering at ELISAVA, Design School in Barcelona, Spain.

Although he is not a designed in the strictest sense, over the years he realized that everything around us is to do with industrial design.

As far as product is concerned, today it's not possible to split "industrial" from "design". Two words that should always go together because one without the other make no sense.

Designer Products

Anita Pili Covis Albert Joan

H2P Design Studio

H2P designstudio is an study of industrial design, product engineering and applied graphics.

It arises from the combination of engineering, innovation and creativity. The fusion of these concepts can better understand our customers and offer them an integral solution.

The aim is to provide creative design work that can be integrated in the product life cycle to reach and successfully complete all phases that include, creation, manufacture, production, use and waste.


Andreu Capdevila

Andreu Capdevila, functional and conscious designer.

The study of the function, the user and experimentation with materials become the starting point when dealing with a new project. Neither there is form without function, nor success without mistakes. He searches for the essence of the objects by thinking constructively and leaving aside all that is purely decorative, everything that is not funtional.


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Artik Project

Artik Project are: Jon Azkoitia, Eric Castelló and Jordi Pedemonte.

Before ending their careers they decided to work together in order to experiment and to carry out ideas that go beyond mere school projects.

For Artik Project new concepts lead to new types of products where their ideas are captured, and take on new challenges that intensify their passion for design.


Designer Products

MAGDA04_web.jpg Marion detail (yellow legs)

Eduard Samsó

Born in Barcelona in 1956. It is one of the leaders of the interior design since the mid-eighties, responsible for the aesthetics of stores such as Jean Pierre Bua or bars like Nick Havanna, both in Barcelona. He is also author of interior corporate Pans & Company and Art Box, whose premises are shared by several Spanish cities.

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Kobe GL Kobe WD

Toni Pallejà

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We create value through design. We chase function, cost-efficiency, sustainable aesthetics and environmentally sound projects. Our methodical approach reveals the essence of each design challenge and allows us to create holistic and profitable solutions for our clients.

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Lluís Porqueras

Born in 1930, Porqueras studied various courses in architecture. After his first works on restoring livings and country houses in l' Empordà, he founded Stoa in 1965, a pioneer Catalan design company that produced, among others, Enric Franch's lights.

He started his career in design without knowing much, and specialized in it little by little: “The exile after the Civil War carried away all of the intellectuals in Spain. The ones of us that started doing design were desperately searching for the origins. My generation recovered the rests of a shipwreck. And when we recovered them, we started working without exactly knowing what we were doing. Even the word design was in a certain way little used, or used in a very strict sense. Afterwards, however, the word design has absolutely lost its value, nowadays everything seems to be design.”

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